Early Childhood Education Hamilton

Early preparation is key to success, particularly when it comes to education. Let your child learn, play and grow in an institution that offers a natural environment where children can enjoy the beauty of nature and learn from great experiences. For some of the best early childhood education in Hamilton bring your children to Old Macdonald's Rural Education and Care Centre.

We know there are a number early childhood education providers in Hamilton. Read through the passages below to see why Old MacDonald’s are some of the best there are.

Nurturing Young Learners

Early childhood education (ECE) is necessary to make your children ready for school. Cultivating their minds in a natural, rural environment can help your child’s learning and development, in addition to being great fun for the children. Old Macdonald's Rural Education and Care Centre employs qualified and passionate teachers to ensure that your little ones are taken care of properly. We offer effective learning programs to help children learn quickly and easily.

Letting Your Child be a Child

We designed learning programs specifically for children below six years old. We take their personal and education needs in mind to ensure that they will learn and enjoy in our centre at the same time. We let them explore the outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities that will improve their personal, social and mental wellbeing. These exciting activities include:

  • Optional pony riding lessons
  • Optional swimming lessons
  • Interaction with baby farm animals
  • Cooking/meal preparation
  • Age-appropriate games

The integration of modern and traditional teaching methods allows for the creation of a holistic approach that will provide the best results. As an institution that provides quality ECE in Hamilton, Old Macdonald's Rural Education & Care Centre make learning easy for your under-sixes.

Find out more about our learning programs today. Contact us via phone or email to enquire or schedule a visit to our centre. You may also send your message by completing the form provided on our Contact page.