Are you an awesome early childhood teacher?

Passionate, skilled and inspiring teachers apply here!

The best way for children to learn and grow is through the best teachers.  Our teachers see their role as a privilege they whole-heartedly embrace, and we embrace them right back.

We believe it is our role to support, encourage, mentor and celebrate you to bring your best self to work.  Ours are not your everyday early childhood teacher jobs.  We expect the best, and we give the best back.

As an Old MacDonald's teacher you will have the freedom to find your own teaching style within the Old MacDonald's values and philosophy. 

You will have opportunities to explore your role as an educator and challenge your teaching practices so your skills are always expanding and improving. 

We will encourage you to be innovative and creative and to think outside of the box to offer all children interesting ways to learn and grow.

We know and support our staff as whole people so that when they are on the floor, we are confident nothing will get in the way of a positive and inspiring interaction.


Current Position Available:

We are on the hunt for some awesome qualified and non qualified relief teachers

We need someone who....

- Has a burning passion for respectful practice
- Knows how to get their hands dirty, chuck on a pair of gumboots and embrace the outdoors. 
- Be a hard worker, passionate and have a genuine interest in bettering their practice and investing time into research and professional development. 
- Be qualified and registered or a beginning teacher and have experience 
- Has good initiative and a 'go getter' attitude. 
- Have a passion for developing strong relationships with children, families and your team mates.

Please send your CV and cover letter to Daynah on