Rangitira - Management Team


Headed by Tracey, the Rangatira are the guardians of the mana of Old MacDonald’s, the guides for our practice and the drive behind our child centered environment.

Backed by a management team with the heart, experience and passion for early childhood education, the Old MacDonald’s team are supported to remain reflective and forward thinking, striving to deliver the best possible care for your precious tamariki.

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagines the world.
— Malcom Gladwell




Tracey's enormous heart discerns the world through the needs of those around her, and her greatest joy is to help every beautiful person feel valued, cared for, and understood.

As a successful midwife of many years, she bonded with mums and babies and saw their struggles when it came time to look for childcare and go back to work. She is famous for saying "we are modern mums with stone age babies", and always wished there was a way to match the realities of working parents with a kinder and more nurturing solution.

She had visions of orchards and gardens, natural toys and furniture, good old-fashioned values, and home-grown, home-cooked meals. She dreamed of teachers that were passionate learners, advocates for children, partners with parents, and brought their best selves to work every day.

She wanted city children to be able to run through grass and trees, fall in love with animals, and learn about the natural world around them. Old MacDonald's is Tracey and husband Johnny's labour of love for all parents and children. She is celebrating our opening with extra-long bubble baths and lots of family snuggle time.



Tania has been working with the team over the past two years through her work as a professional development facilitator with an organisation called Educational Leadership Project Ltd. Tania enjoyed working with Old Mac’s so much that she asked if she could be employed half time as the Pedagogical Advocate and was very happy to have Tracey say “Yes”.

Tanias role is to continue to support the team with their teaching practice and curriculum design, support inquiry as appraisal and work alongside the teachers on Internal Evaluation/Inquiry Research.

Being a Pedagogical Advocate in a centre is a unique position which is unusual in the early childhood education sector. Usually this work is part of a management role and, as you will be aware, there is a lot for a manager to do. Tania does not describe herself as a manager and therefore her work is completely focused on supporting teachers toward continuing high quality early childhood education provision for your child.

“I am very pleased to say that the Old Mac’s team is already of a very high quality and together we will all continue to grow toward even higher heights. We hope you will join us on the path toward excellence. The journey is going to be fabulous!” - Tania Bullick



Daynah has been deeply invested in Old MacDonald’s since well before it’s conception, when it was just a far fetched dream…She is one of the true foundations of the Old Macdonald’s family.

Daynah, the go to girl, the first point of contact and the creator of the foundations for the relationships built at Old Macdonalds between the staff, parents and the children. Daynah is an advocate for hard work and dedication and a believer in living life to the fullest and never doubting your capabilities - two attributes that are projected on to staff and children invariably.

Daynah is soon to finish a bachelor of Human Resource Management and has attended copious amounts of early childhood education professional development seminars. Upon conversations with Daynah it is clear to see that she is an effortless communicator that promotes motivation and warmth within her interactions with whom ever she meets.

Daynah’s passions lay within travelling and exercise, so if she is absent from work you’ll catch her either overseas or at the gym.

Daynah has helped to weave together a family within the Old MacDonalds community, with children and parents past and present, a family that is strengthened with love and support and is inclusive of all.



Kelsi, our right hand girl. Stuck? Have a question? Kelsi is the one you want to be buddies with. Kelsi has a constant smile on her dial, a warm, welcoming presence and a heart of gold.

Kelsi is Waikato born and bred and has just completed her bachelor of Management. She has now decided to continue on and study her Bachelor of Teaching…Go Kelsi

Kelsi works closely alongside Tracey and Daynah ensuring that everything keeps ticking along in the office… We love having you with us!