Tamariki o te Ngahere - Children of the Forest


Specialist programme for our oldest Saplings Tamariki

Tamariki o te ngahere is inspired by the Forest Kindergartens from Denmark. The term ‘forest school’ was created to describe the Danish practice of children in early years settings using the outdoors every day, all year round as part of their pre-school education. Using this as our inspiration, we want to provide our children with uninterrupted time in nature where they will spend most of their day outside, exploring the world around them.

The learning will be play based, and as far as possible, child initiated and child led, with teachers supporting their learning. They can learn about risk taking and how to trust their instincts and their abilities.

Tamariki o te ngahere will run every week, rain or shine, with the philosophy in mind “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. However, the trip will not go ahead if the weather looks dangerous in anyway (e.g high winds, storms). In this sort of weather, we will have an alternative planned.

We follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki and we will celebrate Mana Aoturoa, the strand of exploration where the child learns through active exploration of the environment. We believe that children are critical thinkers, problem solvers and explorers. During our time in the forest, there will be opportunities for communication, problem solving, dramatic play, climbing, balancing, running, planning and construction projects. We will learn how to work with and in nature and learn respect and empathy towards the natural world around us.

Children will not care for nature if they’re not with it, in it or have a relationship with it
— Kimberley Crisp