Te Tipu - The Seedlings

Age 0-2


What our PHILOSOPHY looks like in practice:

In the Seedlings room, we believe in a kind and respectful partnership between adult and child. We do this through tender care moments, naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

 This belief is derived from our understanding of the first 1000 days. This is a research based understanding that highlights the importance of infants developing a sense of safety, attachment and trust. Through this sense of belonging, children are able to build the pathways of becoming life-long learners.

 To support this research, we implement a true primary care model. Primary care relationships, in which each whaanau has a special teacher who is the guide for their daily care moments, such as, bottle feeding, sleep rituals and nappy changing. This supports and continues to grow and strengthen the heart-centered partnership between kaiako and tamiti.

 As child advocates, we promote free movement. We uphold the Pikler approach in which, we believe in providing enough space and possibilities to move freely. This will result in the children moving skillfully, simply, securely and naturally at their own pace and readiness.

Attachment does not hinder independence, it fosters it. Cuddle those babies. Carry those babies. Let those babies sleep in your arms and on your chest and be with you all the time. They will start taking steps away from you when they’re ready
— Em, from Raising Ziggy



Tori is a calm, warm and nurturing part of our Te Tipu room. Tori works in partnership with whaanau and aims to create a ‘second mum’ relationship with her primary care tamariki.

Fully immersed in Pennie Brownlee’s theories and understanding about respectful relationships, Tori puts her heart and soul into our tamariki.

Tori knows how difficult it is to entrust your most precious gift in another as she has three of her own children, Sarah, Thomas and Luke. She understands how big this step is in the life of you and your child and aims to make this transition into care as warm, welcoming and seamless as possible.



Georgia embodies the culture of kindness and will instantly make you feel at ease with her warm presence. Georgia originally studied as a primary teacher but soon discovered Old MacDonalds when she enrolled her first daughter Ivy in 2016 and absolutely fell in love with ECE.

Three years on, Georgia is still thriving in our Seedlings team alongside her youngest daughter Raven. Georgia is fully immersed in our curriculum, philosophy and Emi Piklers theories and couldn’t imagine herself anywhere else.Georgia’s big Old MacDonalds heart and visions for how we can constantly improve our practice makes her a valued part of our Seedling’s team.



Our Kierley, full of passion and love , has been working with our Old MacDonald’s Whānau since February 2018. Fiancé to Isaiah and amazing mother to Noah (6yo) and Jireh (5m). Kierley is half way through her Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, as well as her level 2 certificate in Te Ara Reo Māori. Kierley is a real lover of the beautiful Te Reo Māori, often incorporating words into her tamariki’s everyday learning! Kierley sees great importance in encouraging tamariki to realise their full potential, as well as supporting them in building a strong foundation for later learning. Kierley is rewarded everyday at Old MacDonalds, by being a part of our tamariki’s lives and having the opportunity to help them grow to their full potential.



Shinae has not long returned from her overseas adventure in Europe where she rediscovered her passion and decided that Old MacDonalds is where she wants to be.

Shinae’s whole heart and sense of self makes her easily approachable and easy to connect with. Her passion for infants shines and she is a natural, grounded child advocate for quality care and respectful practice.

When you meet Shinae, you will instantly feel warm as she radiates kindness and embodies the Old MacDonald’s heart.



With her heart on her sleeve, Rachel brings passion and enthusiasm into the Seedlings room everyday. Rachel is an inviting and infectious addition to the team, attracting the attention of the tamariki.

Rachel is nearing the end of her Bachelor of ECE, alongside juggling ‘mum-life’. Rachel has an extremely creative mind, with her passion being to set up inviting environments and areas of play. Her attention to detail and keen eye for design results in beautoful spaces for our tamariki to discover.


Angela is a peaceful presence in our infants classroom. Her kind mannerism and open arms makes her an approachable and warm Kaiako for our tamariki. Angela brings William, her son along with her. William is one now and is very fortunate enough to have his Mum alongside him in his classroom… What a beautiful family environment we have here at Old Macs!

Everyday, it is so clear to see that Angela not only believes in, but embodies respectful practice. She truly upholds the culture of kindness.

We are so fortunate so have Angela apart of the Old MacDonald’s Team!



Simone is a cheerful, smiling face in our seedlings classroom. Her warming eyes and genuine love and care for our tamariki make her an admirable part of our Old Macs Whaanau.

With her hospitality background, Simone knows how to hit the deck running and ensure that the room is ticking along.

Simone loves to spend time with her whaanau in her spare time, especially her nephew Beau, surfing and watching the sunset with her fiance.

Simone is the perfect addition to our diverse team.