Rural childcare in Hamilton

Child care and education for Hamilton's city kids based on the natural world, early childhood development needs, and good old-fashioned Kiwi values.

These days child care is a necessity for most parents, but that doesn't make it any easier to leave the care and education of your precious child in the hands of somebody else each day.

Old MacDonald's was born from a dream to make a difference in childcare for Hamilton families. We want to provide a home-away-from-home in a wholesome natural environment with lots of fresh air, running around outside, and the freedom for children to express themselves and be loved and supported for who they are.

Rural child care

Daily activities involve the care and handling of animals, growing vegetables and fruit, bottling, preserving, cooking and eating the produce we grow, and feeding food waste back to the animals and worm-farm as children learn about sustainability and how nature relates to their daily lives.

Early childhood education

The A B Cs and 1 2 3s mean just as much to us as your child's rural education. Our education programme is based on Te Whariki, the national early childhood curriculum, which like Old MacDonald's, is based on a holistic, whole-person community-based approach to early childhood education.

From babies to "big kids", our handpicked teachers naturally nurture, explore, discover and support the unique needs and budding personality of your child.

Families first

The needs of children and parents are always our biggest priority, from our purpose-built facilities designed for safety, practicality and delight, to acknowledging that the best expert on your child is you.

Child care at Old MacDonald's is a partnership relationship between our carers and teachers and you, the parents and caregivers. Close, collaborative communication with you is the best way to give your child the care and education that they will thrive on.  We welcome your whole family to be a part of Old MacDonald's, and we hope you feel at home with us.

Download our prospectus for more information if Old MacDonald's child care and education sounds like the right place for your family.

Your child's rural education experience...

Rural child care, so close to town!

Only 4.6km from Hillcrest, 3.7km from University of Waikato and 7.8km to the Hamilton City (Opposite LIC on Ruakura Road).