Our childcare families say...

Hear about our child care and education from those who know it best.


“What a refreshing and welcoming change to a childcare centre. Old MacDonalds has a point of difference and the WOW factor in every aspect of their amazing centre!!
Tracey and Johnny have truly outdone themselves by creating an inviting, caring, inspiring, Whanau & tamariki friendly environment that is really Community Centred and environmentally friendly whilst also teaching our children a great philosophy and empowering them with more than just academia, they are being taught about the precious world around them, encompassing sustainability and the cycles of life in both the Animal & Plant Kingdoms. My son is just thriving in this fantastic rich environment. The staff are fantastic and are all a perfect fit for the Old MacDonalds Philosophy. I highly recommend this wonderful and enriching Rural Education & Childcare Centre. “
- Anne-Marie


“Incredible daycare. Staff were fantastic at transitioning my son in and making us feel like part of the family. Great grounds with plenty of room for the kids to play indoors and out. Love the interactions they have with farm animals and the extra curricular activities that are available. So glad we enrolled here!” - Victoria

“I was driving up the driveway yesterday, past the calves, past the horse, past the pool. I was thinking how lucky my girls are to be going to such a wonderful daycare that offers so many opportunities for our little ones. A big huge play area (with real grass) fresh food cooked daily, eggs from the barn, veggies from the garden, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, sheep. Not only do our children grow up learning about animals and how to care for them they also watch them grow. I love coming in and seeing the baby chicks, so does Miss 3 it's a highlight. From eggs to chicks. And the teachers, they feel like family. I love the stories they share of the girls. We love old macs, we not going anywhere! Tracey you have done a tremendous job!!!” - April