Child Care Philosophy

We make a difference in the lives of children and families with real, whole, heart-centred early childhood education and child care.

We are natural, authentic and practical.
We always tell and accept the truth.

This means back-to-basics and hands-on, running around outside, grass and trees, plants and animals, and all-natural materials, activities and surroundings.

Old MacDonald's is your child's big Kiwi back yard where they can experience themselves, explore the world, learn and grow.

We embrace the big picture and the entire person
for a sustainable, holistic approach.

This means room to be and space to grow, inclusion, wholesome ingredients, life cycles and food cycles, families and communities.

Old MacDonald's are in partnership with you to provide complete care and education for your child.

We connect with warmth, empathy,
respect and joy.

This means friendships of all kinds, personality and diversity, celebration and nurturing, and children at the heart of every decision we make.

Old MacDonald's children, parents and caregivers are special, and we cherish you every day, in every way.